10 taboos for placing mirrors in Fengshui

Written by Losany

Feb, 2022

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Mirrors are a must-have item in our home, especially for girls. They often hang some mirrors at home for dressing and other purposes. However, when we usually place mirrors, we may place them randomly or even make two mirrors face each other, which violates some Feng Shui taboos. Because the mirror belongs to the object with heavy Negative Qi in Feng Shui and has a certain reflection effect, there is a lot of FengShui taboos in its placement.

So what happens when two mirrors are placed facing each other? Fengshui believes that mirrors have the function of reflection, so if the mirrors are placed facing each other, it will lead to the loss of wealth at home or even bankruptcy.

Let’s take a look at the feng shui taboos of mirrors.

Fengshui mirror

1. the mirror is best not to face the door

Why is this? It’s not nonsense! In Fengshui, the gate is the most important place to receive Qi. It can be said that whether the feng shui of a house is good or not, the orientation of the door and the prosperity and decline of Qi play at least 50% of the influencing factors. Once the door in your home absorbs auspicious Qi, it is easy to “reflect” the Qi out if a mirror is facing the door.

In this way, there was originally auspicious qi, but in the end, because it was reflected, it turned into no auspicious Qi. If there is no auspicious Qi in the home, everything will not go smoothly. In contrast, if the home door absorbs negative Qi, then hanging a Feng Shui mirror directly opposite the door can play a role in turning “Light evil” and turning decay into prosperity. However, the mirror is not suitable for too large. The Feng Shui mirrors in the home are generally not suitable for too many or too large.

2. The two mirrors cannot be placed facing each other.

What happens when two mirrors facing each other?

Feng Shui believes that mirrors have the function of reflection, so if two mirrors are placed facing each other, it will lead to the loss of wealth in the home or even bankruptcy. Doing so will bring three most direct disadvantages, first, unsightly; second, insufficient light; third, bad feng shui.

3. The mirrors in bedroom cannot face the bed.

In addition to the bathroom, many people also like to put a mirror in the bedroom, but because of the layout of the room, some people will put the mirror on the table at the end of the bed. In this case, the mirror will face the bed, which is very bad. The bed is for people to sleep and relax. If you wake up and see the person in the mirror, you will be frightened, and your health will be affected. At the same time, the mirror has a reflective effect. The mirror facing the owner will reflect the owner’s good luck away. Therefore, the mirror should not be facing the bed. We need to pay attention to the Feng Shui bedroom and not treat it casually.

4. The balcony can not have mirrors

According to Fengshui principles, a balcony is a place for light and air. When the gate usually can not achieve a good daylighting effect for modern urban architecture, the design uses the balcony to achieve good daylighting and gas receiving function. This is a big leap and good progress of Feng Shui combined with modern life. Just imagine what kind of world it would be without sunlight in the home.

However, it is precisely because the sun has to play the role of lighting and absorbing Qi. Therefore, in terms of feng shui, mirrors, especially large mirrors, should be avoided on the balcony. Because proper lighting and Qi is a good thing, once it is excessive, it is not a good thing. Mirrors reflect light, which is easy to causes “Light evil” to a large extent. The light is too strong or too irregular, or too concentrated, all of which have different degrees of bad influence on feng shui and people’s health, so be very careful.

5. The mirror cannot face the window.

Whether it is a living room, bedroom, or study, it is best to avoid the mirror facing the window. Especially for windows facing due south, southeast, due east, and due west, the mirrors cannot be directly facing. The reason is that these four directions are exactly the directions that the sun will illuminate from morning to night. Once you place a mirror that faces the window, a lot of light will enter the room and living room from the outside, and then be reflected by the mirror, in the house will form “light evil,” easy to cause dizziness, nausea, insomnia, headache, and other phenomena.

house fengshui 02

6. No mirrors in the kitchen

According to The Five Elements Theory, the attribute of the kitchen is fire. The nature of fire is intense and erratic. If there is a mirror in the kitchen, that means “add fuel to the fire” in Fengshui. As a result, it may cause people to become irritable, impulsive, uneasy, affect the relationship between family members, easy to bear inexplicable pressure at work, and many villains.

7. The bathroom mirror cannot face the toilet

In many home interior layouts, a relatively large mirror is placed in the bathroom for the owner to organize daily grooming instruments. But the mirror in the bathroom should not face the toilet. A toilet is a place for sewage, and the filth is very heavy. If the mirror is facing the toilet, it will reflect the filth on people, which will significantly impact people’s health.

8. Mirrors cannot be placed in financial positions

The wealth position of the family is closely related to the wealth luck of the family. The mirror has a reflective effect on the source of wealth. Do not put the mirror on the wealth position. Put some mascots on the wealth position, such as lucky cats, Pixiu, and so on. In that way, it will be more conducive to the fortune of the family.

9. Mirrors cannot be embedded in the ceiling

If the mirror is inlaid on the ceiling, the luck and wealth of the people below will be lost, and it is also bad for their health. The mirror is best not to be embedded in the ceiling of the living room, and it will affect the fortune of the people below and make people feel unnatural.

10. Mirrors can’t face the gods

Some people have deities in their homes to pray for the health and safety of their family members. If you point the mirror to these gods, it will not only collide with these gods greatly but also disrespect them. The most important thing is that it will generate some bad aura so that the gods who originally blessed the family will leave because of that bad aura.

In general, the placement of mirrors is really important. If they are placed correctly, our careers will be better, and our family’s health will be blessed. When placing mirrors indoors, you must not take them for granted. It is best to follow specific Feng Shui tips. And otherwise, if you break some taboos, bad luck may come close to you invisibly.

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