who we are

About Fengshuipy

We live in a world where the eyes see the physical world and the mind feels the spiritual world.
Feng Shui has been popular in China for a long time, running through almost the entire Chinese history. Because of its complexity and incomprehension, it has always made people feel very mysterious, but it is indeed one of the core civilizations of the entire Chinese civilization. If you want to better understand Chinese culture, Feng Shui is a must-know part.
Our mission is to inherit, spread and carry forward the Chinese mysterious culture – Feng Shui to guide the life of modern people, so that more people can achieve a more successful, happy, joyful and high-quality life through the application and practice of Feng Shui knowledge.

FengShui Knowledge

Feng Shui, also known as “geomancy” in ancient China. Feng Shui has a long history. In ancient times, Feng Shui prevailed in the Chinese cultural circle and was a very important factor in clothing, food, housing and transportation.

Personal Fortune

Personal Fortune is a visible or invisible energy magnetic field around you. You can improve your energy through research and application of personal Feng Shui.

House Geomancy

House Geomancy is closely related to health. House Geomancy is a part of Geomancy research, and its research object is people and environment. The research of House Geomancy is to make them integrate, appropriate and consistent