How important is Feng Shui?
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Some people think that Feng Shui is very magical and mysterious. Actually, Feng Shui is not mysterious at all. It is around us and is the environment in which we live.

The role of feng shui can be understood as the influence of the environment on people. The flowers and plants, rivers, lakes, and seas that we come into contact with can be called components of Feng Shui. Even a ring, earring, pendant, necklace, etc., that you wear on your body can be called a product of Feng Shui. So with these Feng Shui products, how much effect can they have? Feng shui masters believe that feng shui can improve a person’s fortune and significantly affect the improvement of a person’s fortune.

But you also need to know that feng shui is not a panacea. You can’t pin all your hopes on feng shui. Feng shui can only play a supporting role, not a decisive role. If he doesn’t do it, then no matter how good the feng shui of the environment, he will not be much better. One of the reasons why feng shui is mysterious is that many people have exaggerated its role and even deified it.

What does Feng Shui study? “Wind” is the natural flow of air in the universe. “Water” is all water resources on earth. Feng Shui studies the influence of the surrounding environment of houses and cemeteries on people’s good and bad luck. The core purpose of feng shui research is to “store wind, gather qi, and obtain water.”

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Feng Shui is the influence of the environment on people. The function of Feng Shui is to give resistance or help. Poor feng shui, the environment will give people more negative energy, resistance, disturb people’s thinking, hinder people’s development, like a boat against the current, difficult to walk;

While good feng shui, the environment will give people more positive energy, help people, makes people think flexible, and the divine light suddenly appears, just like pushing a boat along the river, and to a higher level.

A good feng shui is a good environment. Some people do business, and things have been going bad all the time. As a result, they relocated to another place, and everything went smoothly. Some people lived in a house for a long time and finally moved out. It got better as we went, and this kind of thing happened all the time around us. In fact, this is the role of feng shui, but ordinary people do not know how to use the feng shui around them to improve their fortune.

Feng shui is based on numerology. A good feng shui can naturally add points to your fortune and make you smoother. For example, if you can earn 10,000 yuan, you may earn 20,000 yuan with the help of good feng shui, but it is impossible. Just set a small goal, and you can earn 100 million! This is that everything has a degree, and different people in the same place are affected differently by Feng Shui.

For example, a wealthy person lives in a house with a good feng shui, he will be more prosperous, and a poor person who lives in this house will be less poor. With the same makeup, beautiful women are more beautiful, and ugly women can hide their ugliness. The clothes on the e-commerce platform are very beautiful for models, but they may not look so good when buyers wear them.

The role of feng shui is the same as taking medicine when you are sick. A reasonable layout of feng shui can make up for the lack of fate and feng shui.

In fact, in feng shui, we usually speak of improving feng shui rather than changing it. If someone talks big and brags, he said he can change other’s life by changing their feng shui. You only need to smile when you meet such a person. Feng shui masters advise you not to believe that anyone who changes feng shui will get rich. After changing the feng shui, you still need unremitting efforts to get what you want. Feng Shui can only be used to assist, not everything.

The principle of feng shui is to make the living environment achieve good feng shui in the sense of feng shui by following the principles of feng shui. In modern scientific terms, it is to achieve a stable magnetic field. In this way, our living environment can be more stable, and our physical fitness and intelligence can be stabilized at a higher state so that our planning can be more rational or realistic. It is easier to achieve the expected goals. And those who hope to achieve great wealth and wealth through Feng Shui are incorrect.

Let us imagine that there are two people living in the same house with an excellent feng shui environment, close to the mountains and the water, with convenient transportation. Such a feng shui environment is not bad. One person living in it is diligent, smart, pragmatic, and conscientious in labor and business, while the other person is lazy and lazy, and the result is predictable.

There are many factors that determine a person’s success. For example, willpower, IQ, emotional intelligence, connections, background, opportunities, and Feng Shui factors will all impact. Among them, Feng Shui factors account for about 20%. The key depends on the opportunity itself and the feng shui factor. Your level of effort.

When do you need to adjust your feng shui?

In my opinion, the following two situations require particular attention. First, when you do one thing, all the conditions are almost ready, to the extent that everything is ready and only owed to the east wind, then you can adjust the feng shui and add fuel to the fire, so that it may play the role of finishing touch and bring There are surprises; second, when a person is always unlucky, broke, and things go wrong recently, he should also consider Feng Shui factors, adjust Feng Shui, and change his luck.

Finally, I would like to say that we believe in Feng Shui because Feng Shui is the influence of the environment on people, which is scientific and objective. But you must not be superstitious about Feng Shui because Feng Shui is not everything! Feng Shui is only equivalent to a life assistant, it can only affect you, and the decision-making power will never fall into the hands of the assistant.

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