Ten Most important Feng Shui Rules of the gate

Written by Losany

May, 2022

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When we intend to buy a house,it is best to choose a place with better feng shui which will help us in our future life, work and career. Family feng shui house layout is closely related to our life.In the decoration of the home, the front door feng shui plays a very important role. The door can not only play an important role in blocking the external environment from the interior, but also improve the visual effect of decoration, so we must pay attention to the feng shui rules of the door. There are many taboos in the feng shui at the door, but the impact varies. Below is a list of the top ten taboos that have the greatest impact on the feng shui at the door, for your reference.

1、The gatecannot face the mirror

The mirror here refers to a flat mirror. The door cannot face the mirror, which means that you cannot see the mirror as soon as you enter the door. Pay attention to this feng shui issue. The use of mirrors in Feng Shui is mainly to dissolve evil spirits, but if a mirror can dissolve evil spirits, it can also transform Qi. If the mirror in front of door, it will reflect the auspicious Qi, and the auspicious Qi cannot enter the door, and the family will not be able to absorb the blessings. Therefore, fengshui mirror facing door is taboo , whether it is for your own home or someone else’s home.

2、The gate cannot face the elevator door

The door must not face the elevator door. Now most of the apartments have elevators. Everyone must pay attention when choosing the direction of the room. Never choose the kind of house with the elevator door facing the door of the house. Elevator is belong to Yin in Feng Shui, and will send a steady stream of Yin to the home. This kind of house is considered to be prone to bloody disasters. If you have lived in this kind of house, there will be quarrels on weekdays, and it is easy to be bloody. Placing larger potted plants at the door can play a role in relieving.

feng shui plants

3、Do not have vines on the door wall

Some people like plants, so they plant a lot of creepers next to their home. However, in Feng Shui  planta, vines are best not to be planted on the gate wall. The vine-like plants are shady and have a shape that resembles a flying snake, so climbing vines are the most taboo in feng shui entrance. If the door wall is covered with this vine plant, there will be all kinds of disturbances in the home, the family will be plagued with diseases, and the melancholy will be gloomy. The more lush the climbing vines, the worse the family luck. So remind those who love beauty, it is best not to affect the feng shui for the sake of beautiful decoration.

4、It is forbidden to stack debris inside and outside the gate

Most people like the door to be dry, spacious, and clean inside and out. It can be said that it is not only a feng shui basics, but also a quality issue. If a shoe cabinet is decorated in the entrance passage, the passage should be avoided as much as possible, and the passage should be kept clean. The gate is the passage for the house to receive Qi. If it is congested and dirty, it is not conducive to auspicious Qi entering the house. If the gate is blocked too narrowly, it will lead to misfortune in the host’s life.

door mat

5、Do not randomly choose the color of the door mat

The feng shui of the door mat should pay attention to the feng shui colors. According to the different direction of the door, the feng shui colors of the doormat is also different.For example, put a black doormat when the door faces the east-northeast; put a green doormat when the door faces the south-southeast; put a yellow doormat when the door faces the west-southwest; put a milky white doormat when the door faces the north-northwest.

6、The gate can not be too big or too small

The size of the door should also be paid attention to. Although the feng shui door requires openness and lightness, the size of the door should not be blindly large. The standard is that the size of the house is large, and the door should be larger; Doors out of proportion to the size of the house are not good feng shui. The size of the door of the elevator apartment is basically suitable, so you don’t have to bother to adjust it. If it is a self-built house, you should measure the size of the door.

sharp corner

7、The gate is forbidden to face the sharp corner

Sharp horns, also known as chicken mouths, symbolize constant disputes. The door is facing a sharp corner, which means that it is easy to make a sharp corner, and it is easy to have disputes at home. If you want to resolve this bad feng shui, you need to put feng shui plants next to the door and hang a convex feng shui mirror on the door to block the evil spirits. External evil cannot be completely solved by feng shui items, but if the house itself has a strong aura, the evil cannot be approached. If the aura of the house itself is poor, then the external evil will be more harmful. Therefore, the external evil cannot be solved by simply placing things.

8、The gate should not face the inner door

The gate is an air intake with a strong aura. If it rushes to the inner door, it will seriously affect the occupants in the house. If the gate goes straight to the master bedroom, the head of the household will have poor sleep quality; if it goes straight to the children’s room, the child will cry; if it goes straight to the toilet door, it will cause rotten peach blossoms and urinary problems; if it goes straight to the kitchen, it will be drained of blood.

door to door

9、The gate is the most taboo door-to-door

Door-to-door means that your door is directly opposite your neighbor’s door. There are many situations in which the doors of modern buildings are open to each other. If it cannot be changed, at least the two doors should be kept the same size, and the other door should not be larger than ours. The so-called two doors are opposite each other, and the master and the family will lose. The big door is better than the small door, and the fortune of your own home will be swallowed by the other party.

10、The gate can’t pass through to the end

The so-called one pass to the end means that you can see the balcony at a glance when you open the door, or enter the door and face a corridor that goes straight to the end. These two situations are the door pass to the end in feng shui meaning. This kind of house auspicious Qi cannot stay in the house, so it cannot get good luck Qi. The health and career luck of the family members will decline.

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