What is good feng shui?
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People feel that “feng shui” is mysterious and unpredictable, but it is actually very simple to understand feng shui. In short, “wind” is atmosphere and field energy, and “water” is flow and change.

Fengshui can only produce promising effects when it is combined with a specific person. When two people live in the same house with good feng shui sitting on the mountain and facing the water, one may be prosperous, while the other may be hurt and ruined. Different people have different acceptance and sensing abilities for various Chi fields, and people themselves are FengShui sensors.

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How can we judge the quality of feng shui without understanding the theory of feng shui? You can refer to the following methods:

1. Use your eyes

How do we feel when we see a place? Is the place you see beautiful? Does it make us feel comfortable?

If the place you see is beautiful and comfortable, then the feng shui of this place is good, and it is suitable for your aura and residence.

2.  Use your ears

When we are in this place, is the sound pleasant to hear? Or noise? If the sound is good, it means the feng shui is good; if there is noise, then the feng shui is not very well. For example, the house near the highway is very noisy, and the feng shui is naturally not good.

In fact, the biggest noise occurs in the house. That is, the family is not harmonious. If a family quarrels frequently, it will hurt people a lot, hinder the fate of the individual, and affect the growth of children even more.

Therefore, the family must be harmonious, and family members must communicate with each other so that there are no obstacles and good feng shui. Thus, the ancients said that family harmony (good feng shui) is prosperous.

3. Use your nose

When we are in a place, try to smell it with our noses. Does it smell good? If you can often burn incense or place fragrant flowers in your home, the smell is good as soon as you enter the house, and Feng Shui will naturally be good. If you are in a place with a bad smell, it is not good feng shui.

4. Use your body

In our housing, see if there is too much glass and too many sharp objects in the house? Do you feel chills or cold when you enter the house, or is it hot and stuffy? Is it a happy feeling or a feeling of depression and annoyance?

All above indicates whether Fengshui is good or bad. If you find that this section is always unlucky, you should check whether anything has been touched or added in terms of interior layout, which is often the reason.

5. Use your mind

The last and most important method is to close your eyes and truly feel whether this place is peaceful and comfortable with your heart. It is the feeling of the magnetic field and the intangible things.

For example, if a room is neatly arranged and beautiful, it can make people feel pleased and beautiful, and the feng shui of this house is very good. If it is cluttered and disorganized, people feel depressed and irritable at first glance, and this is bad Fengshui. This also reminds us that we must pay attention to keeping our home and work environment clean and orderly. Cleanliness itself is positive energy. It is necessary to discard the old things and garbage that are not needed in time and keep the interior simple and clean without clutter.

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Generally speaking, Feng Shui is judged by these five aspects: eyes, ears, nose, body, and mind. It’s like a doctor’s way of looking, smelling, asking, and making a diagnosis. Everyone can learn this method. Often play some elegant music at home or in the company, which is beneficial to relieve the tense work mood of the day, or put more broad-leaved plants in the home to make people feel alive, and there is vitality. This is good Fengshui.

What is a person’s first feng shui? It is man himself.

What is the second feng shui of a person? It is the mouth.

What is the third feng shui of people? It is behavior.

What is the fourth feng shui of people? It is the facial expression and personal image, which means that including our hairstyle and dress is also Feng Shui.

Therefore, the most important Fengshui should change from himself to a person. When he changes himself and his heart, all kinds of problems caused by Feng Shui, such as unhappiness and disease, will naturally disappear.

What is the principle of Feng Shui? The four core words in Buddhism are “the mind generates all kinds of dharmas.” That means Feng Shui is actually not that complicated, and the road is simple.

External things affect the heart, and the heart, in turn, affects everything. Therefore, changing Feng Shui is fundamentally changing the heart. As long as the heart can feel beautiful and joyful, Feng Shui is good.

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