What is the Lucky Chinese Zodiac for 2023? The Luckiest Feng Shui Color of the Year 2023 You Should Know

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Jan, 2023

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According to Feng Shui, each year has a specific lucky color. And this year, 2023, belongs to the year of the water rabbit in Feng Shui, and the color that symbolizes prosperity and positive energy is forest green. Next, I will provide more information about the lucky color of 2023 and how to use it indoors. Hope this will bring you good luck in 2023 after knowing this and applying this knowledge.

We usually think that the new year means positive and beautiful feelings and wishes; At this moment, it is the perfect time to write down dreams and define goals; The first year is a new restart for us, a blank canvas waiting to be drawn, and a beautiful story about to start.

If there is anything that can help with positive dreams and goals, I think one of them is Feng Shui, a Chinese art and science that has been passed down for thousands of years to balance different energies and bring good luck, prosperity and health.

Next, we’ll explore the feng shui colors that belong to 2023. As you learn more about it, Feng Shui techniques can be used to optimize your interior design and bring you a little luck.

Chinese New Year

In traditional Chinese culture, every New Year has its own animal symbol. And according to the Chinese horoscope, 2023 falls under the Year of the Water Rabbit, which signifies peace, good luck and love.

In Feng Shui, there is a basic understanding theory of the elements of the world, called the theory of the five elements, which means that the world is composed of five elements: wood, fire, earth, water and metal, which are considered to be the foundation of the universe. This is why Feng Shui masters can create a balance between these elements and yin and yang energies by optimizing the space to bring people good luck.

Speaking of Chinese New Year, in traditional Chinese culture, these elements are essential because they help to understand and recognize the zodiac; Chinese believe that each animal has its own “life force” and “Qi” and corresponding luck and fortune. For example, the rabbit symbolizes longevity, peace and prosperity.

This is why 2023 is considered a time of hope in traditional Chinese culture. The Water Rabbit belongs to the wood element, and uses water as a supplementary element to reconcile and guide and improve this year with its yin and yang energy.

Feng Shui believes that everything in the world is based on the balance between the elements; each year has a lucky color, and 2023 is forest green, which can find balance among other colors such as pink, red and blue.

Feng Shui Colors for 2023

The lucky color for 2023 is forest green, a color that is expected to bring good luck, prosperity and health, and people can incorporate these feelings into their interior design projects. This can add a good element to our living environment. Forest green is the lucky color for 2023.

In addition to the above meanings, it can also represent land and water at the same time. As we said above, Feng Shui is all about balance and believes that everything is based on the balance of Feng Shui, which is why other colors can help complement the lucky colors for 2023. Let’s take a look at information about feng shui colors and how to apply them to interior design projects.

lucky color for 2023 family

Forest Green

The lucky color in 2023 is forest green, which represents the wood element in balance with water in geomantic omen; According to the theory of geomantic omen, forest green is the perfect color that indicates a year of hope and prosperity. Because green represents healing, growth, compassion and flexibility.

This is a color based on nature, which can connect trees, grass and natural energy with its location and bring good luck to people. At the same time, green is also a cool color, which can bring a refreshing feeling and make people feel happy physically and mentally.

How to use forest green indoors?

If you’re looking to incorporate the lucky color of 2023 into your interior design projects, it’s important to understand that according to Feng Shui theory, our usual domestic areas are the best places to receive this hue. In Feng Shui, there is a tool called Bagua Diagram, which is one of the professional Feng Shui tools often used by Feng Shui masters.

It is often used to observe how our life corresponds in the home, and the green Bagua is related to the family. The colors often represent new beginnings, and when they are incorporated into interiors by designers, they can give a fresh, energized feel.


In Feng Shui, pink is often associated with compassion, caring, and a symbol of love and romance. Depending on the contrast, it can be bold or soft. The overall feel of the pink shade is positive and it can be used to elevate any space.

How to use pink indoors?

According to feng shui colors, pink can have a positive effect on any space and can be associated with compassion, innocence, kindness, hope and nourishment. According to the theory of Feng Shui Bagua, one of the best home spaces is the bedroom or the room where the baby lives.


In Feng Shui, red is a color associated with energy and passion, the color symbolizing fire. This bright, bold hue is considered a lucky color, a symbol of happiness and strength, can give people energy and focus, and represents a feeling of bravery and boldness. At the same time, red also has the effect of exorcising evil and avoiding evil in Feng Shui.

How to use red indoors?

Red is an excellent color to use in the fame and reputation area of feng shui gossip, especially if you are trying to improve your reputation or gain more recognition. That’s why indoors, the best places to use this color are living rooms and offices. Since red is a color of strength, you can also choose a red carpet in these areas to bring that feeling.

One caveat though, if you use red in a bedroom, make sure it is a more earthy red, as bright reds are too vibrant to provide a serene space. Color psychology also suggests that while red brings a feeling of warmth and richness, too much red can be overstimulating and lead to nervousness, anxiety, and even aggression.


Blue, in the theory of the five elements, belongs to water and the color of freedom, symbolizing the sky, cleanliness, and restlessness. In Feng Shui, it represents calmness and rationality, has the effect of calming people, and can improve career luck. People with blue attributes have a lofty spiritual realm that ordinary people do not possess, with a clear and honest attitude, and a moderate way of doing things; they are quite flexible in doing things, leaving room for maneuver. They like a generous, primary and secondary residential environment.

How to use blue indoors?

According to feng shui bagua charts, blue is associated with family bagua, which is why it’s a great color for vibrancy and goodness in areas of the home such as the living room. Apart from this, blue can also be incorporated into the design of office layouts to promote success.

The core of Feng Shui is based on the balance between energy, elements and environment. The lucky color for 2023 is forest green, which represents the balance of the earth and water and will bring prosperity and hope. If you add other colors such as pink, red and blue together with this color during the design process, it will help to exude the unique feeling brought by these colors at the same time.

The Year of the Water Rabbit will be dominated by wood and water elements, which in 2023 will help lead the way in global interiors, fashion and design.

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