What’s the use of Feng Shui?
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Nowadays, more and more people pay more attention to Feng Shui architecture and Feng Shui decoration. Many people have changed their fortunes, adjusted their health, and even became smoother at work by following the Feng Shui rules.

So, what is the function of Feng Shui? We summarize the following three main functions.

Feng Shui destiny

1.Feng Shui helps people change their destiny.

First of all, let us first understand what Feng Shui is? Feng Shui is a feeling, energy, and breath in a natural space. Good feng shui will make us feel good and healthy, while bad feng shui will directly affect our health and destiny.

We say that Feng Shui changes fate, which is just an appearance. In essence, Feng Shui mainly affects people’s fate through the principle of “causality.” Often, wealth in our lives is also influenced by Feng Shui and causality.

For example, some people’s luck has always been bad. No matter how hard you try to help them learn Feng Shui, teaching them how to apply the Feng Shui principles, such as helping them to place Feng Shui bowls, adjusting the bedroom Feng Shui, wearing some Feng shui crystals for concentration and motivation, etc., It’s no use. They don’t believe and always doubt it. In the end, even though the personal feng shui has been changed, it still cannot change the bad luck of the home because the owner of the home has too few “good causes.”

In addition, some good family feng shui has turned into bad over time due to changes in the external environment. This reason is also due to the “cause and effect.”

Therefore, feng shui is an appearance, and “cause and effect” is the essential reason that affects fate. Those who rely on feng shui to change their fate have accumulated a certain degree of virtue and good deeds. On the contrary, if a person’s usual words and deeds do not have the accumulating virtue at all, then even if his feng shui is changed according to the principles of feng shui, his destiny will not change much.

personal Lucky

2. Feng Shui can change luck, seek good luck and avoid bad luck

In general, if a person with a good fortune lives in a house with bad feng shui, his luck will gradually weaken. In contrast, if a person has very bad luck but uses feng shui architecture principles to improve the feng shui of his house, then after he lives in a high-quality feng shui home, his state will also improve a lot. Based on accumulating virtue and doing good deeds, if you want to change your destiny, then it is a very good way to adjust the layout of the Feng Shui house and feng shui house color, wear some feng shui items such as Feng shui bracelet and feng shui necklace, place some feng shui plants following the principles of feng shui.

A fundamental theoretical basis in Feng Shui is that everything has a specific energy, and these energy properties and energy levels are different, so their functions are not the same. For example, in feng shui, crystals and jade are natural feng shui items with powerful energy, such as rose crystals and Hetian jade. Different crystals have different functions and feng shui meanings. If you can use these feng shui items by following the right feng shui principles, it will bring you strong, positive energy. In addition, there are some manufactured feng shui objects, which also have powerful energy in feng shui, such as feng shui Bagua, feng shui compass, feng shui mirror, etc. However, you need to know how to use them to achieve the effect of help; otherwise, indiscriminate use may be counterproductive.

Feng Shui influences the state of a person by relying on its energy. In a fixed living environment, a person will be affected by this environmental aura all the time. If this aura matches a person’s energy, then the person will get better and better over time. Being in such an environment for a long time can gradually eliminate the disaster that this person should have encountered and achieve the effect of “seeking good luck and avoiding evil.” In addition, the time for fate to be better due to the influence of Feng Shui is generally from twelve days to twelve months or even twelve years. In the same way, the longer it takes for a person to get better through Feng Shui, the longer it takes for him to get worse again.

baby and univeral

3.Feng Shui affects the fate of the next generation.

Home Feng Shui affects the future fortunes of existing family members and also directly affects the fate of their offspring. Because a person’s fate and luck will be directly affected by the external environment before his or her birth, therefore, when the baby is still in the gestation period of the mother, the quality of the environment in which the mother lives will also directly affect the baby’s “innate destiny” and “innate qi.” If the mother receives external positive feng shui energy during pregnancy better, then the baby will also have a “rich life” in the future. If the mother received a lot of negative feng shui energy from the outside world during her pregnancy, her baby’s birth destiny would be bumpier.

Explain with modern psychology that if a pregnant woman often receives some good and positive information, she will naturally be in a good mood, and all body functions will be healthier. Under such conditions, the probability of giving birth to babies will be healthier than under normal circumstances. Similarly, if a person’s mood is often optimistic, he will naturally affect the people around him, and the most affected are usually his own family. Therefore, from this perspective, feng shui can also directly affect the fate of the next generation. A good feng shui can make the whole family, including the next generation, live a healthy and smooth life.

Generally speaking, in our daily life, we need to pay attention to the decoration and placement of Feng Shui according to the principle of Feng Shui, but we should also pay attention to the daily “accumulating morality and doing good.” When we take into account both aspects simultaneously, our work and life will be less bumpy and more blessed.

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